Mirrors by Sue Jowell are handcrafted in copper, brass and aluminium.

These mirrors , and Sue Jowell's  wall art and home decor, come in various designs and themes, the most popular being scenes of African wildlife.

Themes range from these African animals to floating and dancing figures, cats, dogs, sea and underwater themes, botanical and abstract. 

Each piece is individually crafted and no two are the same

The mirrors and various commissioned works can be viewed at exclusive game lodges throughout South Africa and in African Craft outlets, Bathroom mirror emporiums and home exclusive decor stores or by appointment at Sue's studio.

They have been featured in books, such as Craft Art by Elbe Coetzee and Craft South Africa by Sue Sellschop and Wendy Goldblatt.

Sue and her highly skilled assistants now produce their Art and craft in a garden studio in the leafy suburb of Clovelly in Cape Town .

From these studios Sue Jowell  also produces Sues Hang-ups , which are a range of pure copper hand cut and crafted mobiles featuring Sues quirky flying figures and animals as well as a range of handcrafted and very unusual jewellery, with a very African feel. 



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